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We now only have one operational narrow gauge layout in this section of the club, (‘Upton Dale’ 009 has now been sold),  ‘Dingle’ 00n3 (which has been loaned to the Kerry Model Railway Association at Blennerville Windmill just outside Tralee) and one under construction, 'Castlefinn' 00n3.  Upton Dale was OO9 and was sold on and can still be seen from time to time on the southern exhibition circuit.  Dingle and Castlefin are both OOn3 or 4n12 scale/gauge but have completely different characters. Dingle is an end to end layout, Castlefin is a circular layout - in old fashioned terms, a tail-chaser, much as Upton Dale was!

'Castlefin' is to be exhibited at;

26th to 28th May 2018 - Bala Lake Railway event - click for details

27th October - Newtown Model Railway Society Exhibition Welshpool

'Castlefin' has been exhibited recently at;

11th March 2017 - Narrow Gauge North - Pudsey Civic Hall, Yorkshire

9th / 10th May 2015 -  Chester MRC's own show -  Upton-by-Chester British Legion

31st Oct / 1st Nov 2015 -  Merseyside Model Railway Exhibition - Mosslands School, Wallasey

Magazine / Newspaper appearances

March 1984 - Model Railway constructor - Upton Dale (2)

November 1993, January and February 1994 - Railway Modeller - Upton Dale (3)

December 2002, January and February 2003's - Railway Modeller - Dingle

November 2003 - Railway Modeller - building 5T  

December 13th 2002  - The Kerryman -  Railway buffs put Tralee-Dingle train back in model shape

May 26th 2005  - The Kerryman - History comes home as model of train goes on display in Dingle

June 2nd 2005  - The Kerryman - Model railway delights Dingle

2015 - Railway Modeller Annual - Dingle


Click below for some more of our favoured links.

On my travels  - this is where many of the pictures have gone (such as the WHR views and historic opening)


The all new Ffestiniog Railway site ...   There is also a taster video - it will maximise to full screen and is worth watching!

Ffestiniog Railway Society webpage

Ffestiniog Facebook page for up to date stories about the railway

Robert Fairlie's article 'Railways or no railways - narrow gauge v broad gauge'  An online version to read at leisure!

...and the new Welsh Highland Railway site  On the left, a taster video for this too - it will maximise to full screen and again, is worth watching!  In the middle a video I took of scenery on the new, lower section of line, June 2010 and on the right 'festshopman's' video of the first passenger train into harbour station from Caernarfon. I am there but you will be hard pressed to spot me!

New Welsh Highland Society webpage

Ben Fisher's Welsh Highland old site  - now moved to the FR/WHR servers and to be regularly updated

An unofficial WHR site which contains alternative material about the rebuild by Barrie Hughes. 

The official changelog of the Welsh Highland Railway (Portmadoc) for progress at the other end!

For more details of the Pont Croesor extension.

Talyllyn Railway

Vale of Rheidol Railway

Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

Glyn Valley Tramway

Penrhyn Railway

Llanberis Lake Railway

Bala Lake Railway

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Corris Railway

Great Orme Tramway

Llangollen Railway

Pictures of several UK narrow gauge railways from the Bluebell Railway archive  FR, Talyllyn, Vale of Rheidol, Ravenglass, Penrhyn & Dinorwic Qy etc

IOM Railway from the Bluebell Railway archive


Lynton and Barnstaple Railway site - newly updated


Bord na mona - a site showing the location and some details of the various lines.

Cavan and Leitrim - Dromod Station - restoration project and the old version

Cavan and Letrim colour photos

County Donegal Heritage Centre - Donegal Town station

Foyle Valley Railway Museum

Need a reference for Irish Narrow Gauge Railways and somewhere to download a ‘true’ Gaelic font? As well as a link back to us!

The Tralee and Dingle Railway. An excellent site - fairly regularly updated

An excellent historical site and guide to the rest of the Dingle peninsula

Tralee & Dingle railwayana (not a lot left!) and brief history


Above left; Video from Youtube of the line Past/Present with sections of film I believe to be from Patrick Whitehouse's 'Fair Days Only', taken in the 1950's. Centre; a short section of video coming down by bus from Gleanangalt.  As the road runs parallel to the railway for this stretch, you could easily imagine it as looking out of the carriage on a clear day!  Right; the short section from Michael Palin's Great Railway Journeys which shows the Tralee Blennerville Line as restored.  It also shows 5T in steam and pulling a couple of coaches.  Let's hope that the money can be found for this to happen again sooner rather than later.

A site by Steve Flanders who has written a couple of books on Irish Narrow Gauge railways, CDR & L&LSR devoted to the Trainz Railway Simulator. His aim is to recreate the Irish narrow gauge lines.

West Clare Line for opening times (with map) and incredible news of possible forthcoming developments of the line.  Also many pictures of the old line on the Clare County library site

Two video clips from a comedy film featuring the West Clare Railway.  The clips are from "A Minute's Wait," one of three short stories that made up the 1950's John Ford theatrical release called "The Rising of the Moon."


Ordnance Survey Ireland have produced a free resource of 25 inch to the mile maps of Southern Ireland.  By zooming out modern 1:50000 maps are seen, but by clicking on the right you can access historic maps.

News from Irish Times about West Clare

Kerry in 1911

Irish Railway Station Index - has most stations, past and present

Photo of the Tralee and Dingle today (well 2007 when the railway was running!)

Tralee Times pictures of T&D Rly

An interesting site for lots of narrow gauge news - first article about opening of Tralee and Blennerville Railway

Article about soldering by Paul Titmuss - starting with soldering Paul's / Worsley Works T&D open wagon.

From the Bluebell Railway archive - I have tried to break the collections down with specific interest;

Schull & Skibbereen (3),  West Clare (13), Cavan & Leitrim (11)

Londonderry & Lough Swilly (32), CDR (2)

Tralee & Dingle (49)

CDR (inc Castlefin) (44)

CDR (7), Cavan & Leitrim (7)

CDR (13)

CDR (35)

Cavan & Leitrim (19)

West Clare (5), Cavan & Leitrim (2)

There are pictures of my visit to Cultra in Northern Ireland just 7 miles or so South east of Belfast


The Cairngorm mountain railway - a video of the downwards journey.  If you want to go to the summit of Cairngorm you have to walk up, not use the funicular railway.  If you go up by rail you are not allowed out of the cafe which is a few hundred feet short of the summit.  You can after walking up get the train down, which is cheaper and you can bag your first Munro!

Not narrow-gauge stuff but interesting / useful nevertheless!

The UK Heritage Railways site

My own gallery pictures

Rare or out of print books needed?

More out of print books

Manx books

The North Wales Coast Railway website.

My own collection of non railway pictures - well OK so there are quite a few railway pictures actually but ...

If you are a computer screen modeller and would like to see 'Dingle' and a whole host of other narrow gauge layouts at exhibition why not click  Exhibition

WHR21.jpg (61609 bytes)WHR27.jpg (61761 bytes)WHR31.jpg (153383 bytes)

Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon)/Ffestiniog Railway. 

 Above left; 'Millennium' having run round at Rhyd Ddu, 10th July 2005.   Middle;  The journey down having just left Rhyd Ddu.   Right;  Crossing trains at Waenfawr.

Below left; Moelwyn at Tan-y-Bwlch, late afternoon on 5th May 2004, the FR 'Interactive'  weekend.  Centre; Moelwyn with carriage No.10.  Right; Taliesin about to depart with the evening slate train.

Above left; Taken Summer (2004), the remains of the 4ft gauge Padarn railway loco 'Velinheli' in a shed at the Welsh Slate Museum.  Both the tanks and chimney remain rusting in an open shed, though at least under cover.  There may be other bits there too but the area is cordoned off and difficult to check. Also visible is what looks to be the reversing lever/handle.  Above right; The superlative view from the train as it crosses the cob.  Apart from the quarry which mars the scene slightly, this must be one of the finest views from a train anywhere and a fitting end to an excellent journey.


  They are designed to run with Mark Goodspeed's Railway Screen Saver which is fully animated 'Valve gear 'n' all'.  The screen saver must be registered as only a fraction of the available goodies and functionality is available at the web-site: the rest is on the associated eGroup.

The WHR(C) trains are actually part of a much wider virtual model NG railway Mark Speed is developing, within the screen saver.  He hopes to eventually cover all the major UK narrow gauge railways in it.  There are still a couple of major omissions, but he's getting there.

There is no reason for you to be restricted to the WHR(C).  Consider:
WHR (1923)
Ffestiniog Railway (1880s and 1920s)
Vale of Rheidol
Lynton and Barnstaple
Leek and Manifold
Campbeltown and Macrihanish
Welshpool and Llanfair
War Dept.
Quarry Locos

All the above railways are represented within the Railway 32 eGroup, plus an unbelievably large quantity of SG stuff by other group members.

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