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We have four sections within the club, the 4mm Narrow Gauge, the OO, the O and the 16mm Narrow Gauge.  Brief details are given below but click on the links below for a more detailed view.

Castlefin Faugham Hill Ferry Lane 16mm Narrow Gauge




















Castlefin - OOn3

Castlefin, or Castlefinn, depending on which side of the platform you stood, was a station on the County Donegal system. The model is a loop with fiddle yard at the rear and the stations itself as the main scenic board.  It is run as DCC throughout, using the Lenz system, and route setting is done electronically enabling the operator to concentrate on driving the train!  All buildings are scratchbuilt and are based on a visit the section members made to measure up the prototype back in 2009.








Faugham Hill

A split level, continuous loop, four track layout on which any track can be DC or DCC controlled. The two upper level tracks are code 100 and the two lower level tracks are code 75 so all members locos and stock can be catered for. There is also a small set of sidings which connect through to the Pottery extension when connected.








Faugham Hill Pottery

The Pottery is set in the Stoke-On-Trent area in the 1960s. Originally canal served it had later developed a rail connection with the Stoke-Crewe line. It is the latter days of narrow boat usage.

China clay being brought from Weston Point docks. Coal and bone is brought in by rail and canal and the finished pots carried out by both means of transport. A worker's passenger service operates a shift change.

Additionally there is a small amount of traffic to a domestic coal and general goods depot.

It is DCC operation only and on code 75 track. The points on the two main boards are operated using Cobalt slow motion point motors from a manually switched panel.


Heaton Clough

When complete this will be another exhibition standard layout consisting of three boards in an L formation, the short leg of the L being the fiddle yard.

​Set in the Derbyshire area in the 1960s its central feature will be a sawmill with a turntable for loco management. It is DCC controlled with an analogue switch panel which also includes the turntable controls. There are no scenic pictures available at this moment so to give an idea of the operation here is the control panel logical track layout.





Loco Shed

This small layout consists of a single, 6ft x 2ft, board and at the moment is for DC running only. It is in the process of being renovated having been acquired by the club from its previous owner in a state of disrepair. It is set somewhere in Cheshire and has a turntable and loco sheds. Despite being small it has plenty of operating potential.









Ferry Lane

This is a terminus layout made up of four boards and including working signals with realistic operation, ie. signal bounce provided by using Megapoints Servo Controller boards. The points and signals are analogue controlled via a bespoke control panel including Cobalt signal levers. The locos are all DCC controlled using a Lenz system. It is quite early days scenically as the pictures show it is still under construction. The terminus end has a station building and cattle dock with a signal box and goods shed at the fiddle yard end.







Noonan Halt

This is an end to end layout with double track and two crossover section. It was originally intended to run live steam as well as diesel but due to the operational safety issues with running live steam indoors it was decided to just run electrically operated remote control diesel locos instead. Scenic work is in progress by our resident artist and is quite advanced now but not finished yet.