Dingle to Donegal

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The following pictures were taken by John Fry during Dingle's holiday to

Donegal Town Model Railway show at the St John Bosco Centre on 23rd / 24th May 2009.

The pictures below were taken at Whitehead, the centre for the Irish Railway Preservation Society (IRPS) - from left to right;

Drumboe's boiler; Drumboe's driving wheels; Drumboe's frames; Drumboe's front and rear pony trucks; a set of (wagon) wheels labelled Oldbury from the IMR;

the IRPS Mk 2 buffet car, with Guinness on tap of course - Steven and Jim look on; a NIR Castle class semu passing by; NIR No112 passing with some wagons.

The above pictures were taken at and around the Donegal Heritage Centre - from left to right;  CDR brake coach 28 at the station;  the station building and ex Clogher Valley red van with railcar trailer No 5 to the left;  the mayor, Paul Keeney and Neil Tee next to Dingle;  The platform side of the station building from the adjacent car park;  the St John Bosco Centre.

On days out and about, along with the pictures taken on the way there and back - from left to right; Cashelnagor Station (L&BER) in the middle of nowhere, Jim seems worried about the schedule; County Donegal Railways crest;  CDR crossing cottage near Inver; CDR three span overbridge at Mountcharles; on Killybegs pier, with Robert and Steven; the very sad sight of Meenglass at Foyle Road in Derry; the remains of Owencarrow viaduct (L&BER).

The above are photos of CDR railcar No 18 at Fintown - Glenties branch - with Neil's (or John's) No 10 on the bonnet - Robert, Neil and John looking on;  driver's eye view of proceedings; Jim inside the railcar looking towards the front (left) and rear (right);  driving wheels of number 18 - a modeller's view!!!

Some other pictures of the weekend can be seen below;

Neil Ramsey's video of CDR vehicles running on the trackbed through the Barnesmore gap (albeit 15mm gauge)

Steve Flanders pictures at Whitehead

Pictures taken by Neil Ramsay on the 3ft yahoo group although you might need to be a member and logged in to see them - why not join, it's free and friendly unlike some yahoo groups I could mention!!